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Meaty Meat Information

Where Our Meat Comes From


The Angus cattle specially selected to supply this brand are grass fed and then grain assisted, with feed bins in the paddocks where the cattle are grazing for them to self feed from for 50 days. This means that the cattle are well fed at times of poor pasture and the product remains consistently high quality. Coorong Angus Beef is produced without the use of hormones and is guaranteed tender under the national eating quality accreditation scheme – Meat Standards Australia.


The brand was named after the Limestone (calcium carbonate) based soils prevalent throughout SA. These high calcium soils give rise to superior pastures which in turn grow wonderful beef cattle. The beef comes from cattle sourced in the South Australian region that free range and graze on pasture. Being a grass-fed product in Australia, we believe that the quality of this product stands out from the rest and you can be assured that Limestone Free Range Beef will deliver a sumptuous and tender eating experience.


Terrarossa is a premium brand of beef sourced from South Australia’s South-East, home of the world-renowned Coonawarra wine-growing region. Terrarossa Beef is grain fed and Meat Standards Australia (MSA) graded, providing you with a tenderness guarantee. We ensure it meets a set of stringent criteria to bring you the finest quality South Australian beef distinguished by superior taste, flavour and tenderness.


Under our Hay Valley Lamb brand we source the very best South Australian lamb as the season shifts with the weather. There are strict specifications for this product so we can present you with a consistently tasty lamb every time you dine. Hay Valley Lamb sources the finest quality lamb predominantly from the Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu Peninsula. It can be either grass or grain fed depending on sea­sonal conditions. The Hay Valley Lamb brand is not restricted to any particular breed or production method so we can scour the countryside to find the best lamb at any given point in the seasonal cycle.


Murray Valley Pork is a premium range of hand-selected pork, which is always tender, juicy and absolutely delicious. Grown on a network of farms in Australia’s beautiful Riverina region in southern New South Wales and Victoria.